We are erasing the face of hunger by partnering with compassionate individuals and organizations to help accomplish this reachable goal.

Food Bank

Donating school supplies; such as paper, notebooks, backpacks, pencils and more to enhance the children’s’ learning experience.

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In our present world over three billion people live on less than $2 dollars a day.  Most of those people are from poor developing countries like the Philippines.  Did you know that one out of every two Filipinos are wondering what they’re going to eat today?

Compassion for Asia is helping Filipinos who are living day to day in hunger and life-threatening poverty, mainly due to the lack of work or opportunity.  By helping feed the hungry and providing basic needs for the poorest we are giving Filipinos a purposeful sense of belonging that fuels the human desire to live and progress.

For the last seven years Compassion for Asia has helped erase the face of hunger for hundreds of Filipinos.  We are not just helping to physically feed the poor but literally serving the poor by providing quarterly; educational scholarships, school supplies, disaster relief, and Christmas candy stocking stuffers.

Compassion for Asia is bringing hope to starving humans in need.  Hope feeds the spirit and the spirit encourages the soul to strive for higher means of personal growth.

Partner with Compassion for Asia and help erase the face of hunger ONE SOUL at a time, because your giving makes a difference!

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